What is SAP IBP Planning? 

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is a cloud-based intuitive solution that provides features to model supply chain planning scenarios. Integration of business-related data (master data and transactional data) by sourcing it from multiple peripheral solutions to SAP IBP is an important part of an end-to-end integrated supply chain. However, even a best-in-class planning system like SAP IBP will provide bad results if the input is inconsistent. According to Gartner, decision-making based on inconsistent data is responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses to the enterprise. Thus, data and more importantly consistent data are key to your IBP process. With McCoy "Perfect Planning Guard" (PPG), we assure consistent data within your IBP system.

What is McCoy Manila’s Perfect Planning Guard (PPG)? 

Perfect Planning Guard is an intelligent planning platform that supports the full lifecycle (creation, monitoring and retirement) for planning with relevant master data, to ensure and safeguard optimal planning and performance in SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning).

Our tool ensures data consistency between your planning environment and source system. It is installed in between your source and target systems. It acts as a gatekeeper between input and output and offers immediate insight into the master data's quality. With this solution in place, companies can improve their planning result by 5% - 10% or even more.

Key Benefits of Perfect Planning Guard (PPG)

Businesses invest largely in supply chain planning due to the value it brings. Logistics is always on the move. Hence, it generates a massive amount of data inside and outside the enterprise. A small error can be fatal and can cause loss in revenue. With Perfect Planning Guard, your organization can solve the following problems experienced by 63% of planners, according to Gartner Research. 

  • Eliminate Manual Checking and Monitoring of Data

With a manual supply chain, processes and teams are siloed. Therefore, nobody in the organization has a clear, and accurate view of the entire product journey. PPG prevents any data inconsistency between the source system and IBP. 

2.  Remove Obsolete or Unnecessary Master Data in IBP

Perfect Planning Guide provides a controlled way of deleting objects and records associated with them. Deleting from master data can be a headache - that is why McCoy Manila through PPG specializes in recommended approaches and several methods for deleting master data. depending on the use case and functional requirement.

3. Create New Planning Combinations Unavailable in the Source System

PPG helps to better manage planning objects and easy enhancements on attributes, key figures, and time periods.

4. Obtain Best-in-Class Support in Life-Cycle Management, Grouping, Maintenance and Checks

An intelligent planning platform that supports the full lifecycle with relevant master data ensures the accuracy and completeness of planning information. With real-time visibility and access to all relevant data, organizations can identify and address issues quickly and proactively, enabling them to make informed decisions and plan effectively. This level of visibility is essential for managing risks, preventing supply chain disruptions, and reducing costs.

Why Do You Need Perfect Planning Guard (PPG)?

Accurate planning in the supply chain is essential for any business to achieve optimal performance. This is because it enables organizations to produce, purchase, stock, and distribute the right products at the right time, in the right quantities, and at the right cost. Here are some reasons why your enterprise needs Perfect Planning Guard. 

Improve your Planning Results by Having Accurate Data

Accurate planning enables organizations to meet customer demands effectively. With accurate planning, organizations can determine what products are in demand, when and where they are needed, and in what quantities. This enables them to produce or procure the right products and distribute them to the right locations at the right time. As a result, customer satisfaction levels increase, leading to repeat business and brand loyalty.

"No Brainer" in Terms of ROI

When using McCoy's Perfect Planning Guide for supply chain planning and optimization, the benefits are so clear and significant that it truly is a "No Brainer" decision. This solution offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities that can help organizations achieve significant ROI.

Unlike other planning solutions that can take months or even years to implement, McCoy's Perfect Planning Guide can be up and running in just 3-5 weeks. This means that organizations can start reaping the benefits of the solution much sooner and at a lower cost. The implementation process is also streamlined and straightforward, reducing the cost and complexity of the implementation.

Focus on What is Important in your Supply Chain

Businesses can start using Perfect Planning Guard right away to optimize supply chain operations without spending a lot of time and resources on data integration and management. This means having a solid foundation for supply chain planning and optimization so organizations can focus more on customer needs, market trends, and supplier relationship management.

The Perfect Planning Guard has four main functionalities once it is installed: "Smart Creation" (new planning combinations that are validated and based on available source data), "Smart Maintenance" (master data by intelligent grouping), "Smart Deletion" (validated by custom checks), and "Smart Monitoring" (planning combinations using the planning cockpit).

Talk to one of our experts and uncover the advantages your organisation can gain from the Perfect Planning Guard. Email or call us to get started.

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