McCoy Manila Core Values​

Core values are the cornerstone of our identity at McCoy. Our culture of respect, integrity, trust, and results is woven into the fabric of our organization. These values not only define our workplace environment but also shape our brand as McCoy employees. They guide every decision we make, ensuring that we remain true to our principles and committed to excellence.​


The is a key component our relationships with our clients and with our colleagues. It entails treating everyone with decency, carefully listening to them, and appreciating their contributions. This month, let's make a conscious effort to practice respect in all our discussions and engagement. By doing this, we foster a supportive and welcoming workplace where everyone is treated with respect and valued.​


Integrity means being honest and keeping our commitment. It's about doing what is morally right and being transparent. This core value is integral part of our culture as it builds trust to our clients and colleagues which is important in McCoy to build a people-centric environment and to be a customer for life to our clients.​


Trust is an important foundation of our culture as it builds an environment of empowerment this avoids the culture of micromanagement because we can rely and depend on each other. This coming months, let's focus on building and maintaining trust within our team. By being consistent in our actions and words, we strengthen our collective ability to achieve success.​


Results are the outcomes of our commitment and hard work. It’s about setting targets, and delivering our commitment. This core value drives us to always target for excellence and continuous improvement. Let’s ensure that our efforts are directed towards achieving impactful outcomes that align with our vision and objectives.​

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