Intelligent Analytics

Understanding what your business does and has done is what business intelligence is. That is the traditional definition of BI. Transforming data into business information and making it understandable for decision-makers. Of course, at the appropriate time and with the best possible data quality. In other words, are we looking at the accurate figures and facts to see the outcomes of our decisions? To put it another way: what happened? Business intelligence is not a technical gimmick. It is the outcome of close collaboration between people who understand both business and technology.

What do we need to do to interpret the data?

Often, the issue is not one of data. Most businesses have so much data that they can't see the forest for the trees. Data analysis provides insight into what has occurred, but it is highly operational and does not create connections with other data.

As a result, a following action is required. Data compression, data integration, and content delivery. This generates information, which is an essential component of every commercial process. Assume you make a decision. The effects are then revealed later in reports. This demonstrates whether these decisions were sound. In other words, what caused it?

This is all in retrospect...

At McCoy, we see this as a drawback of traditional business intelligence. Looking back to see if everything went as planned and intended.It's similar to driving a car while just glancing in the rearview mirror. It is really difficult to continue driving without causing an accident.

Could this be any more intelligent?

Intelligent Analytics propels BI forward by asking, "What will happen, and what do we want to happen?" While driving along that twisting road, make sure you are also gazing through your windshield. Consider McCoy to be a navigation system that assists you in looking further ahead and selecting the best way. We take historical data and intelligently mix it with other data to produce forecasts that are relevant to the needs of the business. This, in our opinion, is the next stage of business intelligence. The ultimate source of advice for your future decisions.

Are you ready to move to the next stage?

McCoy guides its clients on their road to Intelligent Analytics. We do an assessment with the customer to establish where they stand. Then, a dot is placed on the horizon, and a step-by-step strategy is established to get there.

Our customers who have been taken along on this journey are all highly enthusiastic. They recognize the evident added value of their BI investment, utilize the information much more intensively and in a more systematic manner, and so make better informed decisions. A journey that is well worth taking.

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