3 defining trends for your warehouse management system

It is critical to build a future-proof warehouse in order to remain relevant. Logistics is evolving quickly, and innovation is essential. Customers are discerning. Products must be delivered rapidly to the correct location while maintaining excellent quality throughout the process. And at the most affordable possible price. Adapting your warehouse management solution to this is a top sport. If you want to keep up with the Future of Logistics, three warehouse trends are critical.

1. Standardization Warehouse Management System solution

A noteworthy trend is to bring back logistic processes to the core. Businesses recognize that standardized Warehouse Management System solutions built on best practices provide the finest foundation for optimal performance. Particularly if logistics is not their primary business. As a result, we are seeing a big trend away from expensive customization to smart profiting ffrom best practices.

2. Analyze warehouse data

Setting in place a smart Warehouse Management solution is only the first step. Businesses use big data in order to improve their warehouse management. This can be done in real time as well as in retrospect:

  • Realtime. The best technologies provide you with real-time visibility into your complex warehouse processes and warehouse performance. This gives you the ability to rapidly change and optimize your Warehouse Management solution. Warehouse Insights from SAP and the McCoy Intelligent Logistics Performance Dashboard are two examples of proven successful tools.

  • Afterwards. The 'big data' is a wealth of information. Process mining is being used by an increasing number of businesses to examine massive data after it has been collected. Celonis is a popular and useful tool. Especially when combined with extensive SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) knowledge. For example, it shows which employees are working more slowly than others. This can then be resolved via intelligent EWM optimizations.

3. Robotization & Automation

The customer expects quality, speed and a reasonable price. As a result, businesses are striving quickly to automate and robotize their warehouses. This brings the ideal scenario closer to reality: the consumer orders online, the order is delivered immediately to the warehouse, and the goods are shipped the same day. This is unachievable without the use of robotization and substantial automation. Consider AGVs (autonomous, unmanned vehicles), automated picking systems, sorting machines, and robots.

You want to standardize the logistics chain while keeping costs as low as possible. This entails the adoption of a smart warehouse management technology.

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